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All the really important things in life, like love, wisdom, and hope, are not visible to the eye. See your life from a spiritual perspective. Discover something you hadn't seen before.

Happy Science is a spiritual movement founded by Ryuho Okawa in Japan. Today, members in over 100 countries are learning his teachings on universal truths and practicing love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress based on a spiritual view of life. No matter where you come from or what religion you belong to, Happy Science welcomes you to join us and study these teachings together.


Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa is Global Visionary, a renowned spiritual leader, and international best-selling author with a simple goal: to help people find their inner light to bring happiness to the world. Since attaining great enlightenment, he has written over 2,500 titles, revealing answers to life's most fundamental questions and today's most pressing global issues. His aim is to foster understanding by filling the missing pieces between differing views, values and beliefs. To date, Okawa's books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 31 languages.

Invitation to Happiness

A program inviting you on a journey to true happiness, answering life's deepest questions such as the meaning of life, life after death, relationships and world peace. Introducing the teachings of Global Visionary Ryuho Okawa. Previously aired on CHCH during the Summer / Fall of 2017.

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Everyone of all faiths (or no religious affiliation) are welcome. There are no special rules, fees or obligations of any kind. Simply, drop by and visit at your own pace. While onsite, unwind in the prayer hall for a moment of peace, peruse our library of inspirational books, or strike up a conversation with our staff and members. We're looking forward to meeting you. 🙂

Happy Science Toronto

845 The Queensway

Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1N6

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Situated conveniently right outside the city, this is a place you can come to on a regular basis to gain insight and recharge your energy. Happy Science temples are special places that receive heaven's light and provide us with an environment to connect with our true and authentic self. This is your space to take time in deep introspection, cultivate serenity and find peace in meditation.

  • Tuesday to Sunday
  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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