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The Laws of Bronze Seminar in Toronto

The Laws of Bronze Seminar Series “Bronze Doors” & Ritual Prayer Service at Toronto Temple

Join us on Sunday for a seminar on the key book by Master Ryuho Okawa for this year: “The Laws of Bronze”, and also a Ritual Prayer service conducted by the minister of Toronto Temple, Hide.

Our Sunday Event for The Laws of Bronze Seminar Series 1 “Bronze Doors” & a Ritual Prayer service at 2:00-4:00PM at 845 The Queensway (Toronto Temple).

Every Sunday at the Happy Science Toronto Temple we provide a special event and weekly prayer service. Come to learn about enlightenment, success, faith and recharge yourself again with light and happiness.

In this event, we will also conduct a seminar based on the key book for this year: “The Laws of Bronze”. This part in the series will focus on chapter 3: Bronze Doors.

The special events on Sunday changes from week to week, so please inquire about the theme and also confirm the times. For the Prayer Service, those wishing to take Ritual Prayer, please consult with us about which prayers will be available.

At Happy Science Sunday Events and Prayer Service, you can:

  • Learn the latest topics taught by Master Okawa and watch his latest Dharma lecture.
  • Attend the Prayer Service and experience the power of Ritual Prayer.
  • Deepen your faith in El Cantare and the power of belief.
  • Take time to contemplate, meditate and reflect over your week and offer gratitude for your life.
  • Come together as a community to share happiness and celebrate (we have regular parties to enjoy one another’s company).
  • Consult with the minister or local staff on any life issues or questions about Happy Science or the teachings.
  • Recover your light and happiness ready for a brand new week.

Quotation from “The Laws of Bronze”.

“With all your might, push open and enter the narrow gateway of bronze doors. With courage, make up your mind and enter the path of faith.” You may face various attacks from the secular world, from those with a worldly sense of values. You may also experience attacks in terms of what is higher or lower, what is preferred or disliked from a worldly value system. There will be many challenges in your path, including being tempted to do something because it benefits you, making decisions that either benefit or rob you in your work life, or facing conflicts that may occur within your family. However, once you have stepped into the bronze doors, you must have a strong will to protect your faith.”

—Master Okawa from “The Laws of Bronze” (Chapter 3: Bronze Doors)


Sep 08 2019


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Gratitude donation


Happy Science Toronto Temple
845 The Queensway, Etobicoke


Toronto Temple
(416) 901-3747
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