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Happy Science Meditation Seminar in Toronto: Faith and Love

Gain mastery over your inner world with meditation

Discover the power of faith that expands your potential.

Doubt, skepticism, cynicism. These are just some of the attitudes we adopt for the sake of being realistic. But are you aware of what you’re sacrificing instead?

Being doubtful severely limits your potential. Then what expands your potential? It is faith. The power to believe also builds bridges between you and many other things. Love is born from believing, and love deepens the power to believe. Deepen your faith and love. You will discover that this is how people grow to be greater beings.

Why practice meditation at Happy Science?

Meditation transforms you from the inside out

The mind is the very essence of who you are; you are what you think. But how many of us have mastery over our inner world? Meditation is the practice of gaining just that. By living with a reflective mindset, we discover we can begin to see things from a spiritual perspective; a higher awareness. This is the key to having greater compassion, courage and wisdom to solve any problem we face in life.


Sep 05 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Free admission (suggested gratitude donation is $10)


Happy Science Toronto Temple
845 The Queensway, Etobicoke


Toronto Temple
(416) 901-3747
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