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Weekday Evening Seminar in Toronto Temple: Reincarnation & Your Workbook of Life

Come to our weekday evening seminar at Happy Science Toronto Temple to learn about the system of reincarnation, and how our lifetime on earth is simply a workbook of problems for us to solve and to make spiritual progress in.

Weekday Evening Seminars at 6:30-8PM at 845 The Queensway (Toronto Temple).

Happy Science offers seminars on many kinds of topics to guide people to happiness. These seminars are based on the many teachings of Truth given by Master Ryuho Okawa through video lectures and publications.

At Happy Science seminars, you can:

  • Meet like-minded Dharma friends and those who are seeking the way to happiness and exploring the path to spirituality
  • Deepen your enlightenment by mastering The Principle of Wisdom (the second principle in the Fourfold Path to Happiness)
  • Discover new spiritual teachings not taught before in other religions and philosophies of life
  • Put into practice this knowledge to transform it into wisdom for your everyday life
  • Practice meditation and contemplation to gain new insights and guidance
  • Take part in ‘Wisdom Sharing’ sessions where attendees can share with one another their discoveries
  • Learn more about Master Okawa, Japan’s greatest spiritual teacher and best-selling author of over 2,500 books on spiritual Truth

By attending a Happy Science seminar you can deepen your wisdom and enlightenment

Why practice meditation at Happy Science?

Meditation transforms you from the inside out

The mind is the very essence of who you are; you are what you think. But how many of us have mastery over our inner world? Meditation is the practice of gaining just that. By living with a reflective mindset, we discover we can begin to see things from a spiritual perspective; a higher awareness. This is the key to having greater compassion, courage and wisdom to solve any problem we face in life.


Aug 07 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Free admission (suggested gratitude donation is $10)


Happy Science Toronto Temple
845 The Queensway, Etobicoke


Toronto Temple
(416) 901-3747
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